1. How can I submit information to the bulletin?

Some categories of the Faculty & Staff Bulletin are designed for Rutgers faculty and staff to submit information, while others sections contain information directly from university data. Information can be submitted to the bulletin by filling out the submission forms on this website. You must fill out all mandatory fields of the appropriate form in order for your post to be considered for publication.

2. Who can submit information to the bulletin?

Any Rutgers faculty or staff member can submit information to the bulletin.

3. What are the guidelines for posting?

Bulletin posting guidelines

4. What is the submission deadline?

All submissions must be received by Thursday at noon to be considered for the following Wednesday’s bulletin. The earlier we receive submissions the better. If you have a submission ready before the deadline, please send it in as soon as possible.

5. Will all submissions be published in the bulletin?

There is no guarantee that all submissions will be published in the bulletin. Publication will be contingent on providing all information on submission forms and the time that submissions are received. Content sent in for the bulletin will be reviewed, and the bulletin staff will work with submitters when necessary to edit content.

6. What if my submission is not included in a publication of the bulletin?

If a submission is not included in a bulletin due to lack of space, it will be considered for publication in the next bulletin. Additionally, it will be posted, along with all other submissions, on the corresponding page of the bulletin’s website.

7. Is there a posting limit?

There is no limit on the number of postings one can submit to the bulletin. However, the bulletin staff may decide not to run the same submissions for multiple, consecutive weeks.

Posting Events

1. How can I post an event to the Rutgers Calendar of Events?

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to post events at http://ruevents.rutgers.edu. This site is home to the Rutgers Calendar of Events and features events on and off Rutgers campuses.

2. Who can post an event to the Rutgers Calendar of Events?

Any approved administrator in the calendar system from an organization, department, unit, college, school, affiliate, or alumni group affiliated with Rutgers can post events to the Rutgers Calendar of Events. Events will be added at the discretion of the calendar of events central administrator.

3. Where can I find out more information about the Rutgers Calendar of Events?

A complete guide to the Rutgers Calendar of Events can be found at http://ruevents.rutgers.edu/events/displayHelp.html.


1. Can I be taken off the mailing list?

Rutgers faculty and staff are automatically added to this list and cannot be removed. Important information and timely updates that are pertinent to faculty and staff will be sent via the bulletin.

2. Where can I find past copies of the bulletin?

You can access past copies of the bulletin in the bulletin archive.

3. Who can I contact with any questions or concerns regarding the bulletin?

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the bulletin staff at bulletin@ucm.rutgers.edu or call RU-info at 732-445-info (4636).