The Faculty and Staff Bulletin is a weekly enewsletter that is distributed via email to faculty and staff on all of the Rutgers campuses. It contains official and timely information that is important for faculty and staff and encompasses topics such as announcements, appointments and retirements, awards and honors, gifts, grants, and in memoriam. In addition to the email version of the newsletter, this website contains the current version of the newsletter and an archive of past messages.

General Criteria

  • Submissions for consideration must be received by noon on Thursday for the following Wednesday’s publication.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be published or posted.
  • Content sent to the bulletin is subject to review and editing to fit the criteria outlined in these guidelines, and bulletin staff will work with submitters when necessary to edit content.
  • All submissions are subject to editing to fit the criteria outlined in these guidelines. The bulletin editor will work with you to ensure that submission material is edited in pursuant to the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide.
  • Departmental names and faculty and staff job titles will be checked against official university listings for accuracy.
  • Individuals who submit information for the bulletin must ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of the submitted material.
  • Messages must be brief and are limited to 500 characters.
  • In order to be more useful, all submission requests must include contact information, including name, telephone number, email address, and website links for readers to obtain further detailed information and clarification.
  • Flyers and commercial advertisements will not be published.
  • Solicitations will not be accepted.
  • All submitted discount, calendar, or ticket information from outside organizations will be considered for publication once per academic year based on the benefit and interest of the campus community. Please be aware that placement is not guaranteed.
  • Messages with a particular political perspective or that are political in nature will not be published.

Categories of Information

This section showcases a single story of interest to the Rutgers community per issue and is not necessarily a notice. Stories featured in this section must be timely. Messages must be brief and are limited to 500 characters and must also include an image with a resolution of at least 72 dpi (dots per inch or pixels). Submitted images may be larger than these dimensions, but not smaller.

Faculty and staff may send submissions using the submission form, but photographs must be emailed to the bulletin editor directly at Please note that only one story is published per week and it is not possible to feature all stories that are received.

Examples of suitable material for this section include special campus events, news of faculty trips abroad, and research news that would be of universitywide interest. The bulletin editor will work with you to ensure that submission material is edited in pursuant to the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide and that photos are of editorial quality.

Announcements for this section are time-sensitive in nature and often require action. Examples include reminders to purchase regalia for commencement, parking permit registration, Rutgers Day program submission deadlines, and adverse weather or university closure information. Faculty and staff must send submissions using the submission form.

Announcements for this section are official messages from key institutional areas for faculty and staff members. The authority to approve messages in this category lies with members of the President’s Cabinet or their designees.


Items for this section include activities or announcements that are of interest to the university community as a whole. These include surveys, community events, family-oriented activities, and early registration for summer camps. Submissions must be sent using the submission form.

Items for this section include calls for papers and posters and registration information for academic conferences. Faculty and staff must send submissions using the submission form.

The bulletin features up to 10 highlighted events from the Rutgers Calendar of Events.

  • To have your event considered for inclusion, it must first be entered into the Rutgers Calendar of Events. View instructions on how to post an event on the Rutgers Calendar of Events here.
  • Because of the high volume of submissions, events are not featured more than once. Events for the same center/department/office may also not be featured more than once in a two-month period.
  • To ensure timeliness, events will not be posted more than a week and a half before they occur. If there is an early registration period, an announcement for early registration can be made in the Announcements or Academic Sphere sections.
  • Events or speaking engagements that are held outside of Rutgers or not sponsored by a Rutgers entity will not be published.
  • If space is tight in the bulletin, events that have a wider appeal and will attract larger audiences will be given preference over smaller events and gatherings.
  • Please provide an updated link to a page about your event in your submission form to provide readers with more information.
  • Faculty and staff must send submissions using the submission form.

Deans and directors may submit names of individuals who are in new roles or retiring from the university by emailing All submitted appointments and retirements must include the following:

  • Name of faculty/staff member joining or leaving
  • Title
  • Department
  • Whether this is an appointment or retirement
  • Date of employee’s first or last day
  • Name of the school from where they are coming
  • School from where they received their degree
  • Additional information (limited to 500 characters)
  • Link to website (if available)
  • Contact information of person submitting (name of director or dean, phone number, email)

This section features volunteer event or donation opportunities that are open to faculty and staff members at the university. Examples of these items include blood drive information, counseling and mentoring opportunities, charity 5K runs, and community food drives. Faculty and staff must send submissions using the submission form.

Faculty and staff can submit updates about recent awards or honors received. Examples of accomplishments include state, regional, national, or international recognition and leadership appointments. Recently published books are acceptable, but we cannot accept articles, white papers, or chapters of books. We also cannot publish information regarding speaking engagements. Only information about individuals associated with Rutgers University will be published. Submissions must be sent using the submission form.

The Rutgers University Foundation contributes information about recent gifts made to the university. Information about grants received by the university is supplied by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. We do not accept general submissions for this section.

When someone from the university community passes away, listings should be submitted by faculty and staff to the In Memoriam website. The bulletin will publish information from that site. When making an online submission, please include as much information as possible and include a link to an online obituary.

Rutgers has entered into an agreement with the company Campus Ave and allows Rutgers faculty and staff to post items for sale through their external website

Web Writing Resources

Helpful resources on how to write for the web can be found on the University Relations website.

Additional Information

Campus Information Services offers many other methods of promotion for events that do not fit within the posting criteria for the Faculty and Staff Bulletin. Contact us for more information on how we can help you promote your campus event or visit our page Promote Your Organizations or Event.

Further information can be found on the FAQ page. In addition, archived versions of the newsletter can be referred to as examples. For questions that cannot be answered through the website, email for assistance.